Quit for My Finances

Think about all of the money you’ll save when you stop smoking. What will you do with the savings?

Why should you quit now?

The cost of smoking adds up quickly. If you smoke a pack a day, you're spending at least $45 per week. Check out our savings calculator to find out how much you could save if you quit today. These amounts are based on a 2018 national average price of about $6.35 per pack. Depending on where you live, the cost of cigarettes could be more.

What could you do with your savings?

Think about what you could do with the money you spend on cigarettes.

  • Many former smokers have said that the financial rewards helped them not to smoke during the times when quitting was the toughest.
  • You could plan to grow your savings. 
  • You could use the money you save for something you never thought you could afford, like going on a trip. 
  • Are you on a fixed income? With these savings you could improve your life right now. Almost all insurance premiums are higher for smokers: life, disability, home, fire, and auto. Ask your insurance agent if your rates will go down after you quit.

Former smokers have done some amazing things with their saved money:

  • Michael used his savings to reward himself for the weeks, months, and years he stayed smokefree. Not only did he buy himself an e-reader, he also paid off his mortgage.
  • James put his savings of $1,092 toward the custom guitar he'd always dreamt of.
  • Lisa and her husband are planning a long-awaited vacation in the mountains with the $4,368 she saved since she quit two years ago.