Tips for a Smokefree Lifestyle

You might find yourself in situations where staying smokefree is tough, like when you’re at social events or are traveling. Use these tips to help you stay smokefree no matter what happens.

Stay Positive

Negative thinking can lower your confidence and get in your way. You should be on guard against four common situations where you are vulnerable to negative thinking.

  1. Dealing with a crisis. Smoking will not help you deal with a crisis or feel better. Cigarettes are not a solution to problems. Besides, you would feel worse, not better, if you smoked.
  2. Self-doubt. You are most likely to think that you “just can’t do it” when you are tired or under stress. When this happens, realize that thinking this way will only make things worse. Focus instead on all that’s going well.
  3. Testing yourself. Don’t think that smoking one cigarette is a way to test whether or not your addiction is over. You prove you are off cigarettes every day you don’t smoke.
  4. Thinking of smoking as a cure for withdrawal. Watch out for thoughts like these: “If I’m so moody without cigarettes, maybe I’m better off smoking.” Remember, being addicted to nicotine caused these reactions to begin with, and they are only short-term. Stopping smoking will be one of the best things you ever did for yourself.

Avoid Bars and Alcohol

For many people, a bar is a place that triggers a craving for a cigarette. Some smokers say they enjoy smoking more when they are drinking, and enjoy drinking more when they are smoking.

If alcohol is a trigger for you and you do continue to drink, keep in mind that just one or two drinks could weaken your resolve to stay smokefree.

Stay Smokefree While Away From Home

Traveling for pleasure can be enjoyable. Traveling for work may be mixed with stress and rewards. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, prepare yourself for unexpected smoking triggers.


Almost all forms of transportation are smokefree, but here are some tips to remember while traveling:

  • If you are taking medications to help you quit, don't forget to pack some in a carry-on bag, and make sure you bring enough with you to last for your trip.
  • Bring along a magazine or a puzzle book to keep your mind and hands busy.
  • If you are on a road trip with others, let them know that you appreciate them not smoking in the car.


When making reservations, request a nonsmoking room, and be sure to ask for it when you arrive.

Restaurants and bars

Many states and cities have enacted smoking bans in public places, but not all. Call in advance to check whether the restaurant or bar you plan to visit has a nonsmoking policy. If you arrive at a place where patrons are smoking, even on the patio, go somewhere else.

More traveling tips

  • Be prepared to cope with frustrations and delays. Even if you no longer have the urge to smoke in your usual surroundings, new situations may bring back old memories. Be ready for unexpected urges.
  • Pack cigarette substitutes, such as sugar-free gum and cinnamon sticks.
  • Carry a small index card with your reasons for quitting or your quit plan for reference.
  • Walk away from urges or triggers.